• Google Inc.545.00-0.71 - -0.13%
  • Apple Inc.119.11+1.40 - +1.19%
  • Facebook Inc.77.65+1.99 - +2.63%
  • S&P 5002072.83+5.80 - +0.28%
  • FTSE 1006668.02-55.40 - -0.82%
  • EUR/USD1.2453
  • GBP/USD1.5693
  • USD/JPY118.19
  • EUR/GBP0.7937
  • AUD/USD0.8523

Point and Figure Chart

Point and Figure Chart is a chart type used in technical analysis that instead of drawing price rate changes against time it draws price change direction against price. Every mark in the chart represents a time interval and shows the price direction X represents a price increase and O represents a decrease. Every vertical line consists of consecutive same direction (increase or decrease). In a point and figure chart with one day time interval, 4 days where each day closes higher than the previous day will be drawn as 4 X signs in one vertical row. The presentation of this graph gives a different perspective that can uncover support and resistance lines or other patterns.

Point and figure chart

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