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  • Facebook Inc.77.65+1.99 - +2.63%
  • S&P 5002072.83+5.80 - +0.28%
  • FTSE 1006668.02-55.40 - -0.82%
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  • GBP/USD1.5693
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  • EUR/GBP0.7937
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Open High Low Close Chart ( OHLC )

Binary options wiki > Binary options analysis > Technical Analysis > Charts > Open High Low Close Chart ( OHLC )

Open High Low Close Chart (also known as OHLC chart and bar chart) is a chart type based on vertical lines. Instead of showing the price in a continuous line like in a line chart each vertical line shows the open and close rates and the high and low rates. The open high low close chart can be drawn based on time interval (each vertical line represents a time interval) or based on number off trades (which is called tick chart). On the sides of the vertical line there are horizontal lines that represent the open and close. The left horizontal line is the open rate and the right horizontal line is the close rate. The OHLC is a very informative chart and therefore it is very popular among traders that use technical analysis.


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