• Google Inc.545.00-0.71 - -0.13%
  • Apple Inc.119.11+1.40 - +1.19%
  • Facebook Inc.77.65+1.99 - +2.63%
  • S&P 5002072.83+5.80 - +0.28%
  • FTSE 1006668.02-55.40 - -0.82%
  • EUR/USD1.2453
  • GBP/USD1.5693
  • USD/JPY118.19
  • EUR/GBP0.7937
  • AUD/USD0.8523

SEC filing

Sec filing is the financial report or an official document submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The committee is the formal regulator of traded public companies, broker-dealers, and some insiders. The committee is responsible to prevent frauds, illegal trading, irregularities in the financial aspects in companies, and the usage of inside information for instance. Sec filing is often used by traders, investors, and other market participants as a reliable and organized form of financial information about a specific entity. The SEC filing is usually done according to a guiding form and there are many types of forms to apply to the different entities and requirements.

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