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Binary options news September 30 2014

Binary Options Market Review

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Headlines of today’s daily binary options news:

  • The Asian markets traded mixed with a lower tendency on Tuesday amid concerns of political unrest
  • The Nikkei saw a decline of 0.84% today on weaker economic figures and end-of-month positioning
  • Industrial output in Japan declined against expectations as Prime Minister Abe weighs another tax hike
  • Sumitomo Corp lost more than 12% in today’s session in their worst trading day in more than 20 years
  • Samsung SDS Co said this morning that it will conduct a $1.1 billion initial public offering in Korea
  • Stocks in Hong Kong plunged today as major streets throughout the city remain barricaded into day 3
  • A manufacturing gauge for China dropped from an initial reading last week as property values slump
  • Indian equities saw a minor gain in today’s session following Obama and Modi’s vow to collaborate
  • The European markets are trading mixed with a lower tendency despite speculation of ECB stimulus
  • The euro dropped to its lowest level of the last two years today against the dollar on slowing inflation
  • Gross domestic product in the United Kingdom grew faster than anticipated in the second quarter
  • Russia’s central bank announced this morning that it will weigh the introduction of temporary capital
  • Wall Street experienced a moderately lower session on Monday on democracy protests in Hong Kong
  • DreamWorks Animation SKG skyrocketed more than 26% in the previous session on buyout talks
  • Vista Equity Partners announced on Monday that it will be buying Tibco Software Inc for $4.3 billion
  • GoPro Inc traded a whopping 10.55% higher to start the week to finish at its highest level of all time
  • Athlon Energy Inc saw nearly a 25% increase in Monday’s session on news that it will be taken over
  • Civeo Corp of Houston has announced that it will bail on its plan to become a REIT and relocate HQ

The Asian markets traded mixed with a lower tendency on Tuesday as investors across the region wait for additional signals out of Hong Kong before establishing risky positions. The Nikkei sold off around 0.8% in today’s trading session, which still left the bourse with a massive gain for the month of September. Traders were mostly worried about weak economic data in the nation and took the opportunity to book profits at the end of the period. Industrial output in the third largest economy in the world was one of the most surprising pieces of news to be released during today’s session, as most analysts and experts were looking for a much more solid number. The nation is struggling with falling output even though retail sales and the job market both headed nicely in the right direction during the period. The 1.5% decline in industrial production throughout Japan was against a prediction for 0.2% expansion, which has prompted a number of influential people to speculate that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will consider another sales tax increase like the one earlier this year that caused so many issues. Sumitomo Corp was not able to keep up with the massive amount of selling pressure in today’s session, and shares headed in the wrong direction quickly. The Japanese trading house said that it lost a whopping $2.2 billion on investments that ranged from Texas shale oil interests to coal mining in Australia. The company has not seen such abysmal performance since a copper trader lost around $2.6 billion in a massive commodity-trading scandal back in June of 1996. Analysts noted that Japanese firms of the sort often feel comfortable overpaying for acquisitions and other massive strategic moves because of their cheap access to capital. The Japanese firm cut its profit forecast by a nearly unbelievable 96%. Shares lost more than 12%. Samsung SDS Co announced to traders and investors this morning that it plans to conduct a $1.1 billion initial public offering in South Korea in order to entirely restructure the business. The company plans to list on the South Korean exchange as quickly as possible, having filed more than one month ago, which means the issuance will likely occur before the end of the year. Samsung has interests that span as wide as nearly any other company on earth, from televisions to insurance, and the new executive is trying to keep up with capital markets and the overall business environment. Stocks throughout Hong Kong posted their worst single trading day since February as the political situation continues to heat up. Residents of the city were promised by mainland China under the previous agreement that they would be allowed to conduct democratic elections in 2017, but many individuals are upset with the recent news that Beijing now plans to only allow voting for pre-determined candidates. Hong Kong has a rich history of pro-democracy demonstrations, and this one seems to be the most publicized to date. Protestors have shut down many major intersections and areas of the city in order to force China’s hand in allowing the democratic elections to go forward as planned. A manufacturing gauge in China has dropped from its initial reading only one week ago as a slump in national property prices continues to weigh heavily on the second-largest economy in the world. Chinese regulators are trying to fight against the tide to ensure gross domestic product growth of 7.5%, which is achievable this year only by a matter of analyst opinion. The Purchasing Managers’ Index reading was also troubling because it inched even closer to the 50 level, which denotes expansion from contraction in the Chinese economy. The majority of economists have cut their expectations for full-year GDP growth as factory output, industrial profits, and credit showed a much lower outlook for the year. Indian equities were modestly improved in Tuesday’s session following meetings between U.S. President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Modi. The two heads of state announced that they would create a partnership that will set the model for the rest of the world to follow. The Nikkei lost (-0.84%), the Kospi lost (-0.32%), the Sensex added 0.13%, the Hang Seng lost (-1.28%), and the Shanghai Composite added 0.26%.

The European markets are trading mixed with a lower tendency in today’s session despite speculation that the ECB will implement new stimulus measures. The euro dropped to it is lowest level of the last two years in today’s trading session against the dollar as inflation in the 18-nation currency bloc slows dramatically. The weak currency value served to escalate speculation that European Central Bank President Mario Draghi will unleash even more stimulus measures on the region. The central banker has repeatedly vocalized his commitment to supporting the regional economy and doing whatever it takes to create a condition in which struggling economic recoveries are able to catch fire. Traders and investors were largely positioning themselves for further stimulus tools throughout the last session of the month. Gross domestic product in the United Kingdom grew much faster than analysts anticipated in the second quarter of this year, which lends some support to the idea that the economic recovery is slightly more robust than previously thought. GDP saw an impressive 90 basis point increase in the three months ending with June, which represents the fastest level of economic growth of the past nine months. The figure was also a healthy 80 basis points above the previously published rate according to the Office for National Statistics in London. Revisions after the fact showed investors in the region that the recession beginning in 2008 was actually less deep as it seemed at the time, which has allowed the United Kingdom to bounce back with some vigor and strength. The better-than-expected numbers rekindled the discussion that the Bank of England should raise interest rates from record lows. Russia’s central bank announced this morning that it will weight he introduction of temporary capital controls if the flow of cash out of the country does not slow down. The nation said that the measures would be preventative and designed to be used only if net outflows see a major increase in the short-term. No timeline was officially given, but analysts believe the sanctions from the United States and the European Union have done more economic damage than the nation will admit to the rest of the world. The nation has been effectively cut off from accessing capital markets in the Western World, which has driven President Vladimir Putin to strengthen ties with China. The FTSE 100 lost (-0.67%), the DAX lost (-0.18%), and the CAC 40 added 0.78%. (10:20am EST)

Wall Street experienced a moderately lower trading session on Monday as political concerns such as democracy protests in Hong Kong were in focus; the markets are trading lower in the early session. DreamWorks Animation SKG was one of the best performing stocks in the United States during the previous trading session as investors and traders did a great deal of speculating toward a possible buyout. Many experts believe that the talks between DreamWorks and SoftBank Corp of Japan are still in play, while several other prominent analysts noted that the deal has likely fallen through. The Japanese Internet and telecommunications giant is aggressively pursuing the $17 billion company, offering as much as 40% premium to recent closing prices. Shares traded more than 26% higher on the day. Vista Equity Partners was another one of the most talked about companies in New York yesterday after it kept up the recent string of mergers and acquisitions that has taken over the technology sector. The company announced that it will be taking over Tibco Software Inc for around $4.3 billion, which makes Tibco the latest in a long line of companies to be privatized after facing pressure from activist investors. Vista announced that it will pay $24 per share for the firm, which translates to a healthy 26% premium to Tibco’s most recent trading value. GoPro Inc saw a healthy amount of buying pressure to kick off the week, and shares ended up finishing the day at their highest trading level in history. The company was the talk of the Street after reporting that it has prepared a brand new line of action cameras. The Hero line of cameras are reportedly able to capture video at a resolution higher than 1080p with the ability to capture 30 frames per second. The WiFi and waterproof cameras will go on sale October 5, and some analysts believe that the new line of cameras will serve to expand the ever-growing customer base of extreme athletes. Shares added 10.55%. In yet another instance of the largest string of mergers and acquisitions to date, Athlon Energy Inc announced to analysts and investors that it will be taken over by Encana Corp for around $5.93 billion. The company is looking to get its foot in the door of Texas oil fields, and this will make the largest purchase of a United States crude and natural gas producer by a Canadian firm. The purchase price of $58.50 per share represents a health 25% premium to Athlon’s price at the close of trading last Friday. Analysts were mostly in agreement that the merger allows for redundancies to be eliminated and advantages to be better leveraged with greater access to capital. Shares added 25%. Civeo Corp of Houston shook up the markets during yesterday’s session by announcing that it would bail on its previous plan for the future. The company was recently spun off by Oil States International Inc, and it was originally planned for the company to become a real estate investment trust. The company reported yesterday that its plan to become a REIT has been scrapped, and the firm will instead move its headquarters from Houston to Canada in order to lower its tax burden and ensure suitable returns to shareholders. The Dow Jones lost (-0.01%), the S&P 500 lost (-0.29%), and the Nasdaq lost (-0.41%). (10:20am EST)

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