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Binary options news September 29 2014

Binary Options Market Review

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Headlines of today’s daily binary options news:

  • The Asian markets traded mixed with a lower tendency on Monday as geopolitical concerns remain
  • The Nikkei was able to post a 0.50% gain on Monday as strong US data caused a much weaker yen
  • Japan Post Holdings Co said today that it will settle $6.4 billion in liabilities before next year’s IPO
  • SoftBank Corp is reportedly considering a massive takeover of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc
  • Lenovo Group Ltd announced this morning that it will pay $200 million less for IBM servers on review
  • Australian banks have gone from the largest winners of the bull market to the top losers of the quarter
  • Tens of thousands of protestors have choked the transportation veins of Hong Kong in democracy stand
  • Cotton and apparel exports from India are expected to rise by around 10% this year alone on wages
  • The European markets are trading considerably lower in the first session of the weak on bank weakness
  • Commerzbank AG has traded as much as 5% lower in today’s session on news of a new US inquiry
  • Lloyds Banking Group PLC fired eight employees and reclaimed their bonuses on rate-rigging scam
  • UBS AG reported that profit for July and August alone have surpassed estimates for the whole quarter
  • Italian five-year debt sold at record-low levels this morning amid central bank stimulus speculation
  • Wall Street experienced a strongly higher trading session on Friday on stronger than expected reports
  • An upward revision of gross domestic product and better consumer sentiment supported bullish activity
  • Nike Inc soared easily over 12% on Friday following the release of an improved first-quarter report
  • BlackBerry Ltd posted an impressive 4.6% gain to finish up last week after a surprisingly strong report
  • Janus Capital Group Inc skyrocketed more than 43% on Friday after hiring bond fund manager Gross
  • Micron Technology Inc traded 6.72% higher during Friday’s session on a mixed Q4 earnings report

The Asian markets traded mixed with a lower tendency throughout Monday’s session as geopolitical concerns remain an issue in the region. The Nikkei was able to post a 0.50% gain during Monday’s session against the lower regional trend. Japanese investors jumped on the weaker yen values that resulted from better-than-expected economic figures in the United States. Japan Post Holdings Co announced this morning to investors that it plans to settle its $6.4 billion in pension liabilities before its initial public offering that is scheduled for next year. The company said that it is trying to shore up its balance sheet by selling a stake in subsidiary Japan Post Bank Co to the firm’s own banking unit. The firm’s executives said that they have carried out only the minimal restructuring necessary to list shares publicly, and the rest of the company was in great shape for prospective investors. SoftBank Corp was one of the most talked about stocks today in Tokyo after the company continued its streak of scouring the Earth for major acquisitions. The company said that it is considering the purchase of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc, which is looking into a possible sale after extremely uneven box-office results rocked the company to its core. SoftBank is interested in buying the Glendale, California-based firm to expand its reach into the American entertainment and electronics market. A number of investors speculated that CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg wants to see DreamWorks acquired by a larger media company in which he would have a path to the chief executive seat. As tensions between the United States and Russia continue to grow, the issue puts some undue tension on the relationship between the two largest economies in the world. After passing an increasingly difficult review with Chinese regulators, Lenovo Group Ltd will reportedly pay around $200 million less for low-end servers that it hopes to purchase from International Business Machines Corp. The $2.1 billion transaction will close sometime this week, with sources close to the matter maintaining that the deal, although originally worth $2.3 billion, was not restructured on the most basic levels. Australian banks have seen a major reversal of fortune in the last few months, having gone from the biggest winners of the nation’s massive equity bull market to the top losers of the current quarter. Commonwealth Bank of Australia and its three biggest competitors have gone from posting near record growth to posting their worst quarterly performance in about three years. A number of prominent traders and analysts came forward saying that the run of the Aussie banks is over, and several experts said that they were either short on the banks or recommending such a position. Tens of thousands of protestors in Hong Kong have taken their demonstrations to the next level and gained a great deal of international attention. The administrative region of China has been promised a democratic vote for the semi-autonomous population by 2017, but many feel that Beijing’s most recent move was a major step in the wrong direction. Mainland authorities now say that the democratic elections will occur with only Beijing-selected individuals appearing on the ballot. Hong Kong protestors have now shut down three major points of transportation across the city, and experts believe the unrest will not settle down until demands are met. As wages continue to increase and political instability lies just beneath the surface, exports of cotton and apparel from India have jumped a great deal. Analysts believe that the two export categories will see a 10% increase by the end of the year. India currently exports around 4.5% of all textile shipments across the world. The Nikkei added 0.50%, the Kospi lost (-0.25%), the Sensex lost (-0.11%), the Hang Seng lost (-1.90%), and the Shanghai Composite added 0.43%.

The European markets are trading considerably lower in the first session of the weak as banks retreat on political unrest in Hong Kong. Commerzbank AG is facing massive selling pressure in the first session of the week after investors learned that the bank will face an inquiry from regulators in the United States. The authorities will look into whether the company broke anti-money-laundering laws according to sources close to the matter. Commerzbank is only the most recent in a series of international banking conglomerates to face major scrutiny from regulators in the world’s largest economy. Analysts have noted that the banks are taking notice of the actions, but even record-breaking fines are not enough to disrupt the operations of the firms being punished. Eight influential employees at Lloyds Banking Group PLC have reportedly been dismissed as the company deals with ramped up scrutiny from investment regulators on the other side of the pond. The bonuses of the eight employees have been reclaimed by the firm, but a large number of other involved individuals were able to leave the firm before receiving commensurate disciplinary actions. The executives of the largest mortgage lender in Great Britain are trying to entirely privatize the firm, and they have made their firm the seventh to give into regulatory probes in the process. UBS AG reported in the early hours of today’s session that profit has surpassed estimates for the entire quarter after just July and August figures are considered. The two months alone have seen a whopping $769 million in earnings according to a statement released by the firm today. Executives at UBS have joined the global trend of minimizing investment banking operations to focus on higher margin businesses without so much regulatory pressure. Some analysts said that the figures are beating estimates currently, but even the estimates are much less than impressive. Italian five-year debt sold at its lowest level in history during an auction this morning, which could have major implications for the nation’s economy as a whole. The country has been greatly affected, like many other European nations, by the speculation towards additional monetary stimulus from Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank. The ECB has already cut interest rates to their lowest levels on record, which was an attempt to push money through the financial system and encourage spending from businesses and consumers alike. The FTSE 100 lost (-0.26%), the DAX lost (-0.78%), and the CAC 40 lost (-1.03%). (10:45am EST)

Wall Street experienced a strongly higher trading session on Friday as much better-than-anticipated economic reports boosted investor sentiment; the markets are trading lower in the early session. The United States has seen its gross domestic product figures for the second quarter of this year revised higher, causing widespread bullishness toward equities in the nation. Traders were also largely optimistic after learning that consumer sentiment in the United States improved dramatically, which can often predict the short-term future of an economy. Positive sentiment was capped to some extent by concerns that global growth will not live up to previously expected levels. Nike Inc was one of the best performing stocks in the United States during the previous trading session after the company released what was later called a ‘blowout’ fiscal first-quarter earnings report. The company said that revenue came in at nearly $8 billion for the quarter, which represents a solid 15% growth on a year-over-year basis. Analysts were only looking for a top line figure of around $7.8 billion. The bottom line for Nike looked like $1.09 per share, while experts were only looking for around $0.88 per share. Nike has a history of blowing analyst predictions out of the water. Shares finished more than 12% higher. BlackBerry Ltd saw a nicely higher trading session to close out last week as the smartphone maker with a very mixed history seemed to fare well amidst the release of a number of high end devices from Apple and Samsung. On a non-GAAP basis, the Canadian company posted a loss of $11 million, or $0.02 per share, while the majority of experts were expecting to see a much larger loss of $0.16 per share. The firm’s report was received positively as the bottom line figures were much better than the worsening top line figure would have suggested. The company has seen a great deal of fluctuation in its popularity against iOS and Android devices. Shares jumped 4.6%. Janus Capital Group Inc was likely the most talked about stock in the United States during the previous trading session after announcing a major acquisition. Famous bond fund manager Bill Gross recently announced that he will be leaving PIMCO for greener pastures at the asset and investment management companies. As a co-founder of PIMCO, Gross seems to have run out his useful tenure at the company as CEO Doug Hodge said that the $2 trillion asset manager of the firm’s flagship fund does not define the company as a whole. Hodge also said that PIMCO will move away from the model that made it so successful under Gross’s management. Shares of Janus skyrocketed more than 43% on the news. Micron Technology Inc posted a solid gain in the previous trading session after reporting a mixed earnings report to the Street. The company saw an improvement within its dynamic random access memory business, and Micron is also well known for its NAND flash memory chips. The devices provide memory storage and retrieval for devices like pc’s and MP3 players. The firm told the Street that net earnings came in at $1.15 billion, or $0.96 per share, which is a dramatic drop from last year’s figures of $1.71 billion, or $1.51 per share, respectively. Shares finished the day 6.72% higher. The Dow Jones lost (-0.55%), the S&P 500 lost (-0.45%), and the Nasdaq lost (-0.26%). (10:45am EST)

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