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Binary options news September 19 2014

Binary Options Market Review

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Headlines of today’s daily binary options news:

  • The Asian markets traded mostly higher to finish the week on comments from the U.S. Federal Reserve
  • The Nikkei surged 1.6% on Friday following the failed Scottish bid for independence from the U.K.
  • Japanese officials announced this morning that it will begin its hunt of whales in Antarctica once again
  • Household wealth in Japan jumped to the highest level on record as Shinzo Abe fights higher costs
  • A Chinese court has handed a record $489 million fine to GlaxoSmithKline PLC for bribing doctors
  • The China Securities Regulatory Commission will be scrapping restrictions on brokerage firm IPOs
  • Ten-year sovereign bonds in China jumped this week and pushed the yield down by the most in months
  • Indian stocks hovered around even to finish the week as the rupee showed strength for the fourth day
  • The European markets are trading significantly higher in the week’s last session after Scotland’s vote
  • Scotland voted 55 to 45 to stay in the United Kingdom after 307 years in an independence referendum
  • Siemens AG announced today that it will offer more than $6.5 billion for Dresser-Rand Group Inc
  • Telefonica SA agreed this morning to purchase Vivendi SA’s Brazilian broadband unit for $9 billion
  • Wall Street traded nicely higher in the previous session as traders pick apart Federal Reserve comments
  • Economic data released during Thursday’s session saw a significantly mixed reaction on the Street
  • ConAgra Foods Inc posted a solid 4.6% gain on Thursday as its major restructuring begins to pay off
  • Pier 1 Imports Inc plunged more than 18.4% after announcing weak quarterly data and low guidance
  • Rite Aid Corporation traded as much as 26.5% lower during Thursday’s session on more abysmal data
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has conducted the largest IPO in history and will begin trading at 11am

The Asian markets traded mostly higher to finish the week on comments from the U.S. Federal Reserve about not raising interest rates in the near future. The Nikkei was able to pull off an impressive gain to wrap up the week after the yen’s downward reaction to the day’s events. The weaker yen was a result of the rejected bid for Scottish independence and unhurried commentary from the Federal Reserve. Japanese officials announced this morning that the nation will once again pursue the hunting of whales near Antarctica. The International Whaling Commission passed a resolution to curb the use of the ‘scientific-research’ exception, of which experts say that Japanese whalers were taking advantage. Analysts said that the crackdown on circumventing IWC rules could have a serious effect on the Japanese economy, which likely contributes to the whalers’ disinterest with adhering to the new resolutions. Critics say that the Japanese whaling effort was never about scientific research, and the missions are purely for profit’s sake and conducted under the ruse of being exploratory. Household wealth in Japan has reportedly jumped to the highest level in history according to a report released this morning. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been locked into a fist fight with the higher cost of living in Japan, which compounded the effects of a sales-tax increase earlier this year. The two factors together weighed on consumer demand dramatically, but it now looks like consumers are seeing something of a cushion against the higher cost of living. A number of analysts say that the numbers were significant enough to have lasting impact on the struggling Japanese economic recovery, which has been plagued by a rapidly changing economic landscape and shrinking domestic population. A Chinese court announced this morning that it has handed down a massive $489 million fine to GlaxoSmithKline PLC, which is its largest in history. The company was found to have bribed doctors after a fifteen-month investigation, and Glaxo plans to pay the fine with cash currently on its balance sheet. The $489 million will be charged against the firm’s third quarter earnings, but former executive Mark Reilly actually received a three-year prison sentence in China with a four-year reprieve. The China Securities Regulatory Commission reported to the media this morning that it plans to scrap a great deal of restrictions that keep brokerage companies in the world’s second-largest economy from conducting initial public offerings. The Chinese government has been increasingly interested in the idea of opening up state-owned and closely held companies in the nation to international investment, which will obviously be achieved by letting the companies traded on the public exchanges. Analysts have been saying for months that the brokerage firms need fresh capital to deal with new capital-intensive services such as securities lending and margin financing. The firms have been experiencing lower profitability as the feel handcuffed by a lack of access to capital. Ten-year sovereign bonds in China have rallied significantly over the course of this week, which has pushed yields down by the largest amount since last November. The People’s Bank of China recently cut the interest rate on repurchase contracts, or repos, and announced that around $81 billion will be injected into the nation’s five largest banks. Analysts noted that the lowering of the repo-contract rate signals a period of cyclical rate-cutting across the board, which could be extremely beneficial for companies feeling strangled by the current capital environment. Indian stocks hovered mostly flat in the last session of the week as the rupee gained for the fourth consecutive session. Strong inflows of foreign institutional funds prompted the move, and Scotland’s decision to remain within the United Kingdom also had a strong influence on the currency. The Nikkei added 1.58%, the Kospi added 0.30%, the Sensex lost (-0.08%), the Hang Seng added 0.57%, and the Shanghai Composite added 0.58%.

The European markets are trading significantly higher in the last session of the week as the vote for Scottish independence came up short. Scotland voted 55 to 45 to maintain its status as a part of the United Kingdom in one of the most internationally watched situations of the year. The independence referendum asked Scots if they wanted to be an independent and sovereign nation, and many analysts fell on both sides of the spectrum in predicting the outcome. Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom for 307 years, and many economists had mixed feelings as to what would happen if the union dissolved. Scotland has significant oil interests, and many citizens feel that the largely Britain-dominated union benefits a great deal more than Scots from these revenues. The record turnout and vote against secession sparked confidence throughout the region. Siemens AG announced this morning that it is prepared to offer more than $6.5 billion for Dresser-Rand Group Inc. The largest engineering company in Europe said that it wants to beat out Sulzer AG to merger with the oil-and-gas equipment maker from the United States. The firm’s supervisory board may vote on whether or not to submit a formal bid of more than $85 per share at a meeting scheduled for September 24th. Within one of the largest sprees of mergers and acquisitions in modern history, Siemens may be looking to make its largest foray ever into the oil and gas equipment space. This would be the second-largest purchase for Siemens after paying $7 billion for Dade Behring in 2007. Telefonica SA has grabbed some spotlight at the end of the week after agreeing to purchase the Brazilian broadband unit of Vivendi SA. The company said that it will be challenging the likes of Carlos Slim’s America Movil SAB by spending $9 billion on GVT, which will boost the firm’s existing broadband market share to about 30%. Analysts were somewhat mixed on how the deal would affect Telefonica’s bottom line over the coming quarters, but there was a strong consensus that the deal would be a positive for Vivendi. The three-month negotiation has been highly publicized at every step along the way, and the deal seems to have closed on relatively comfortable terms according to sources close to the matter. The FTSE 100 added 0.44%, the DAX added 0.15%, and the CAC 40 added 0.06%. (10:35am EST)

Wall Street traded nicely higher in the previous session as traders tried to pick apart the Federal Reserve’s comments on raising interest rates; the markets are trading higher early in today’s session. Economic data released during Thursday’s trading session caused a significant amount of mixed feelings. On top of news that interest rates will likely stay put for the near-term future, investors were weighed down by news that domestic housing construction came in much weaker than anticipated. Further complicating the day’s data was the news that United States jobless claims plunged more than expected. Treasuries are largely mixed in reaction to the Fed comments and scattered economic figures. ConAgra Foods Inc was one of the best performing stocks in the United States on Thursday after the company reported better-than-expected results from its major restructuring. The company has been trying to stabilize its top line growth and resuscitate its troubled brands over the past year, while its business of producing foods for supermarket labels continues to struggle. The company’s executives say that consumer demand for traditional packaged foods has dropped dramatically over the last several years. Net profit at ConAgra has more than tripled in the last quarter on a year-over-year basis, from $144.3 million to $482.3 million. Analysts noted that the improvement was largely because of a one-time sale. Shares added 4.6%. Traders and investors were less than pleased with everything they heard yesterday during Pier 1 Imports Inc’s announcement of quarterly earnings and forward guidance. The home-decor retailer based in Texas said that the full-year 2015 will see adjusted earnings between $0.95 and $1.05 per share, which is a significant drop from the previous guidance of $1.14 to $1.22 per share. The company has been criticized for implementing gimmicks instead of addressing core issues in the business model, which has been exemplified by the store’s decision to add tablets to 600 stores to improve shopper experiences. Shares plunged more than 18.4%. Rite Aid Corporation traded as much as 26.5% lower in Thursday’s session, making the stock one of the worst performers in the United States. The company has faced massive criticism after announcing that it has yet again lowered expectations for earnings in the coming full-year 2015. The firm saw second-quarter earnings more than triple, but certain generic drugs have recently lost their exclusivity and will see major competition in the near future. Analysts noted that Rite Aid has a number of megalithic investors behind it, with George Soros owning around 2.3 million shares as of the second quarter of this year. Shares lost almost 19%. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is the biggest story of the day, and it may well be the story of the year by the time all is said and done. In one of the most anticipated offerings in history, the Chinese online retailer has priced its initial public offering shares at $68, and the company will begin trading publicly in New York at 11am EST. The valuation of Alibaba is now set at $175 billion, which makes it larger than 95% of the S&P 500 and the largest initial public offering in history. With the speculative nature of IPOs and the sore feelings left over from the Facebook debacle a couple of years ago, traders are advised to recall that certain precautionary measures exist on the first day of trading. The Dow Jones added 0.27%, the S&P 500 added 0.27%, and the Nasdaq added 0.29%. (10:35am EST)

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