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Binary options news September 18 2014

Binary Options Market Review

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Headlines of today’s daily binary options news:

  • The Asian markets traded mixed with a higher tendency on a myriad of economic data and Fed woes
  • The Nikkei surged 1.13% in today’s session as yet another day of weak yen values boosted exporters
  • Exports across Japan dropped less than anticipated while imports plunged in August year-over-year
  • Line Corp announced this morning that its shopping mall application could bring its largest revenue
  • New-home prices in China dropped in all but two cities last month on tighter credit and lower demand
  • The growth trajectory of the Chinese economy is looking downward even after the $81 billion injection
  • Hyundai Motor Co plunged more than 9% today after winning a major property bid against Samsung
  • Indian stocks surged in today’s session on news that Modi signed a five-year trade pact with China
  • The European markets are trading nicely higher in today’s session on yet another day of M&A news
  • Currency traders appear to be placing bets that the Scottish bid for independence will not prevail today
  • European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is facing even more pressure to increase stimulus
  • The Swiss National Bank said today that it stands ready to defend the franc immediately if it is needed
  • Spanish and Italian banks were some of the leading borrowers in the ECB’s first targeted-loan program
  • Wall Street experienced a modestly higher trading session on Wednesday ahead of data from the Fed
  • Investors in Wednesday’s session tried to balance Fed speculation with new, mixed economic releases
  • FedEx Corporation surged 3.25% in the previous session after reporting fiscal first quarter profit data
  • Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc skyrocketed nearly 45% on news of a lucrative cash and stock offer
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated plunged more than 4.8% after announcing slightly disappointing earnings
  • United States Steel Corporation jumped an impressive 10.2% on news that it will dump Canadian arm

The Asian markets traded largely mixed today with a higher tendency as a myriad of economic reports and Fed interest rate speculation took the spotlight. The Nikkei was able to pull off a gain of 1.13% today to finish at the highest level in eight months. Japanese investors were taking advantage of yet another day of weak yen values that boosted exporters. Exports throughout the third-largest economy in the world saw some surprising numbers in August when compared to the same period of last year. The nation saw exports fall less than anticipated, but imports posted a more drastic reduction than most experts were forecasting. The finance ministry in Tokyo says that overseas shipments dropped 1.3% in August when compared to the previous year, while a Bloomberg News survey indicated that most analysts expected a drop of 2.6%. Imports on the other hand, dropped a massive 1.5% to leave a deficit of $8.7 billion. Line Corp announced this morning that its shopping mall application could very well be its largest provider of revenue and the future of the industry. The operator of the largest mobile messaging service in Japan said that games and character icons have been a solid business thus far, but shopping from an app could be the next major wave of change in the space. Line derives more than 80% of its top line, or $198 million, from sales of teddy bear icons and games played within its free messaging service. Line wants to be known for more than messaging and games. New-home prices in China dropped across all but just two of the cities monitored by the government last month. Analysts say that a much tighter credit situation aimed at reining in the explosive growth of the industry has had a negative effect on demand in the world’s second-largest economy. Local authorities eased up on the restrictions during the period, but the numbers were not large enough to offset the changes in the larger markets. Prices dropped in 68 of the 70 cities measured from July to August, which is the biggest change in that direction since January of 2011 when the data began to be measured this way. Analysts came forward this morning with opinions that the growth trajectory of the Chinese economy is still downward, even after the People’s Bank of China decided to inject $81 billion in liquidity into the economy. The nation’s five largest banks will be receiving the funds, and they will be pressured or at least encouraged to lend the funds to consumers and businesses alike. Chinese officials are sticking to the idea that short-term fluctuations are just distractions as they stay focused on achieving 7.5% growth in the nation’s gross domestic product for 2014. Hyundai Motor Co announced this morning that it led a group that was able to outbid Samsung Electronics Co for a piece of key real estate in Seoul. Hyundai saw major selling pressure after reporting that it paid $10 billion for the property, which is somewhere near three times the previously assessed value. Today marks the worst trading day for Hyundai of the last three years as investors scoff at the decision. The group led by Hyundai will take control of more than 79,000 square feet in the heart of Seoul’s Gangnam district. Shares lost more than 9%. Indian stocks were pushed nicely higher in today’s session after investors learned that Prime Minister Modi signed a five-year pact relating to trade and economic cooperation with China. As the nation continues to rapidly expand, many analysts believe the partnership with China will provide a great deal of access for Indian companies. The Nikkei added 1.13%, the Kospi lost (-0.72%), the Sensex added 1.81%, the Hang Seng lost (-0.85%), and the Shanghai Composite added 0.35%.

The European markets are trading nicely higher in today’s session as investors digest another day packed full of merger and acquisition news. Currency traders appear to be speaking with their wallets and placing bets that the Scottish nationalists’ bid for independence from the United Kingdom today will not prevail. The pound traded at its highest level against the euro in over two years as the electorate of Scotland votes on whether to end its three-hundred-year-old union with the U.K. The nation has been pushing for a vote for several weeks after several decades of a large minority of Scots seeking independence. Traders are apparently already beginning to unwind hedges against a ‘yes’ outcome. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is facing more pressure than ever to take drastic steps toward supporting the regional economy after investors learned that banks borrowed a great deal less than expected in the ECB’s initial targeted-loan offering. Critics have accused Draghi of not taking enough action to ensure that the fragile recovery of the 18-nation currency bloc keeps moving in the right direction even in the face of some troubling trends in both the core and the periphery of the region. The ECB lent around $106.5 billion to banks in the region at a fixed interest rate of 0.15% today in the first installment of its targeted longer-term financing operations, but many experts say the move is not enough. A number of experts predicted a larger participation in the offer, and now talks of changing interest rates are again gaining attention. The Swiss National Bank made some waves today by explicitly saying that it stands ready to immediately defend the franc if it catches wind of an increased danger of deflation. The central bank said that its ceiling on the franc will stay at 1.20 per euro, while its interest-rate target will remain at 0 to 0.25%. The news from its policy review earlier today came as no surprise to most investors, with a large majority of analysts predicting the non-event. National central bankers are feeling increasingly pressured to act outside of the European Central Bank’s jurisdiction to ensure their recoveries stay on track. Now that the dust has settled and analysts have had some time to digest the happenings of earlier today, it looks like Spanish and Italian banks were some of the leading borrowers in the first targeted-loan program of the European Central Bank. The two nations gobbled up at least 40% of the $106.5 billion that was offered to trim funding costs. The two nations were some of the only participants that lived up to prior speculation as to the size of the deal. The FTSE 100 added 0.61%, the DAX added 1.22%, and the CAC 40 added 0.81%. (10:30am EST)

Wall Street experienced a modestly higher trading session on Wednesday as traders and investors anxiously await data and commentary from the Federal Reserve meeting; the markets are trading higher early in the session. Investors and traders throughout Wednesday’s session were tasked with digesting commentary from the Federal Reserve meeting in concert with a number of economic data releases. The United States economy saw a rather surprising dip in consumer price inflation, and the housing market appeared to improve with mortgage applications surging. On top of the solid mortgage application figures, homebuilder sentiment also saw a better-than-anticipated reading for the period. Investors also took a positive note from the monetary stimulus set to be injected into the Chinese economy. FedEx Corporation was one of the best performing stocks in the United States during the previous session after the company posted a much better-than-expected set of profitability data for the first quarter of fiscal 2015. The company said that revenue in the first quarter came in at around $11.7 billion, which was nicely higher than the average prediction on the Street of $11.48 billion. FedEx also saw a strong net income figure with $606 million, which was a massive 24% improvement from the comparable period in the previous year. Analysts were looking for around $1.96 per share in earnings for the company’s fiscal first quarter, but FedEx was able to come up with $2.10 per share. Shares surged 3.25%. Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc was arguably the best performing stock on the Nasdaq during yesterday’s session as traders and investors rushed to get in around current valuations. The company saw a massive amount of buying pressure after announcing that it has received a lucrative buyout offer from Endo International PLC. The health care company offered to buy Auxilium for around $2.2 billion in cash and stock as it attempts to ramp up its men’s health care products business. Analysts were quick to note that the offer price is a solid 30.6% over the company’s previous trading level. Shares surged 45%. Adobe Systems Incorporated was a massive amount of selling pressure in Wednesday’s session despite the higher overall trend in the nation’s equity markets. The company said that its financial performance in the third quarter of this year was slightly less than the Street anticipated. Adobe saw earnings per share of only $0.28 per share in the third quarter, while the comparable period of last year brought in $0.32 per share. Revenue headed in the right direction, however, moving from $995.12 million one year ago to $1.01 billion in the most recent period. The actual figures were mostly in line with expectations, with revenue slightly worse and earnings slightly better. Shares lost 4.8%. United States Steel Corp saw a very impressive level of buying pressure on Wednesday after the company announced that it would take a new direction with its Canadian arm. The company traded at three-year highs after saying that its loss-making Canadian business will be applying for relief from creditors and cancel plans for expansion at two U.S. facilities. Analysts noted that something drastic needed to be done with the unprofitable unit, and many said that this could be the first step toward “suitable profitability”. The Dow Jones added 0.45%, the S&P 500 added 0.41%, the Nasdaq added 0.52%. (10:30am EST)

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