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Binary options news October 2 2014

Binary Options Market Review

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Headlines of today’s daily binary options news:

  • The Hong Kong markets closed for Chung Yeung Day and Indian markets closed for Gandhi Jayanti.
  • The Asian markets traded deeply lower in today’s session on disappointing global economic figures
  • The Nikkei plunged more than 2.6% in today’s session on weaker-than-expected manufacturing data
  • Nomura Holdings Inc announced today that it will partner with Goldman Sachs Group Inc for an IPO
  • Japanese investors have reportedly engaged in the highest level of buying of foreign shares since 2009
  • The Chinese government has announced a plan to cap the amount of debt local governments can sell
  • Protests in Hong Kong have reached new levels as police draw the line at the occupation of buildings
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia is negotiating with regulators to reinforce sound lending practices
  • The European markets are trading heavily lower on Thursday on renewed concerns for global growth
  • Mario Draghi reported today that the European Central Bank will purchase assets for at least two years
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin told investors today that the nation will not review state asset sales
  • Allianz SE announced that Oliver Baete will succeed Michael Diekmann as chief executive officer
  • Wall Street experienced a significantly lower session on Wednesday following weak economic figures
  • Investors reacted quickly to news that jobless claims fell more than anticipated last week in the US
  • Walgreen Company traded around 0.2% lower in yesterday’s session following a mixed earnings report
  • General Mills, Inc lost more than 0.9% on Wednesday after announcing hundreds of planned layoffs
  • General Motors Company posted an impressive 1.75% gain against the lower overall trend in the US
  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation traded more than 18% higher on the nation’s first ebola case

The Asian markets traded deeply lower in today’s session on disappointing global economic figures and light volume due to multiple holidays. The Nikkei plunged more than 2.6% in today’s session after weaker-than-anticipated manufacturing data for most of the globe caused traders to engage in risk-off behavior. Tokyo’s investors and traders were also reacting to the first documented case of Ebola in the United States. Nomura Holdings Inc announced to investors today that it will be partnering up with Goldman Sachs Group Inc in order to conduct an initial public offering for Japan Post Holdings Co. The government has decided to put the institutions in charge of selling the largest savings institution in Japan, which will also be joined by Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co and JPMorgan Chase & Co. The Ministry of Finance expects the deal to be the largest initial public offering in Japanese history, with some calling it a ‘gigantic deal’. Japanese investors have engaged in the largest streak of purchasing foreign equities since 2009, according to a report released this morning. Japanese investors are reported to have spent more than $3.5 billion on foreign shares in the week ending with September 26th, according to the finance ministry data published this morning. Analysts have been pointing out for some time that the nation’s population is shrinking at a rate that could force many Japanese investors to look outside of the third-largest economy in the world for suitable opportunities. The Chinese government shook up the markets even on a holiday by saying that it plans to cap the amount of debt that local governments can take on. The regulatory bodies are trying to ban them from borrowing through alternative financing vehicles, which considerably contributes to the overall shadow banking problem. The nation has been struggling with runaway credit growth for the last few years, which has caused officials in the world’s second-largest economy to engage in a number of efforts to clean up the existing debt market and prevent future abuse. For several days, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Hong Kong to demand that the mainland government keep to its original promise of letting the city democratically elect its leader in 2017. The Chinese government has adapted to the administrative region’s increasing push for autonomy over the last decade by operating under a ‘one nation, two systems’ mantra that seemed to work reasonably well. Now Hong Kong police say the line will be drawn at invading and/or occupying public buildings, which was a big fear of major government officials. A large group of students are now calling for an open dialogue with Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying as they ask for his resignation in the wake of his decision to side with mainland China. The Reserve Bank of Australia announced this morning that it will consider broader home lending curbs beyond investors. The central bank said that the measures to cool the nation’s housing market could go even beyond individuals purchasing residential property as investments. Much like the United States saw five years ago, the central bank claims that the housing market has become extremely unbalanced. Hoam loan approvals to investors in Australia has risen a whopping 90% in New South Wales and 50% higher in Victoria. The Nikkei lost (-2.61%), the Kospi lost (-0.77%), the Sensex was closed, the Hang Seng was closed, and the Shanghai Composite was closed.

The European markets are trading heavily lower in Thursday’s session as investors avoid risk on renewed concerns toward global economic growth. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi announced this morning that the central bank will purchase assets for at least two years in order to increase inflation and reignite the region’s sluggish economic recovery. The Frankfurt-based institution said that covered bonds will be purchased starting this month, and asset-backed securities will be in the mix by the end of this year. Draghi believes that the actions will help drive the ECB’s balance sheet back into agreeable standing, much like the levels matching the beginning of 2012. Russian President Vladimir Putin made it back into the news today after he told investors that the nation will not be engaging in any ‘mass review’ of state asset sales. The controversial president also said that he will not be intervening on individual sales when asked to respond to questions about a lawsuit which is attempting to return regional oil producer OAO Bashneft to state ownership. Analysts made light of the situation by saying that the most of the damage that could be done by the issue is already done. Although Putin’s country has seen massive sanctions from the European Union and the United States to disallow Russian companies from accessing Western capital, the nation’s leader said that he has ruled out reintroducing any limits on the movement of capital. Allianz SE announced this morning that Oliver Baete will be taking over from Michael Diekmann as the chief executive officer of the largest insurance company in Europe. Investors have responded to last week’s news that Pimco Chief Investment Officer Bill Gross was moving to Denver-based Janus Capital Group Inc by pulling billions of dollars from Pimco funds. Around $3.8 billion in market capital was wiped out entirely during the day of Gross’s announcement, and analysts are already saying that whoever comes in to lead Pimco is going to have a serious turnaround effort on their hands. The FTSE 100 lost (-0.87%), the DAX lost (-1.03%), and the CAC 40 lost (-1.85%). (10:20am EST)

Wall Street experienced a significantly lower session on Wednesday following weaker-than-anticipated economic figures on both sides of the pond; the markets are trading mixed in the early session. Investors were focused in the early session on news that the number of Americans filing new unemployment claims unexpectedly fell last week. Analysts were quick to say that the labor market could be showing signs of tightening, with one expert specifically saying ‘labor market slack is on the decline’. The government report released on a monthly basis could corroborate the findings, as economists have been expecting an increase in hiring of around 215,000 workers. Walgreen Company was one of the most talked about stocks in yesterday’s equity session after investors and analysts tried to make sense of the firm’s earnings release. Some bright spots of the figures stood out at first, such as the 6.2% annual increase in net sales to $19.1 billion for the fourth quarter. The largest drugstore chain in the U.S. said that several of its businesses are displaying impressive growth, but analysts jumped on the situation and explained that the company’s gross margin is seriously under pressure. Walgreen ultimately reported a $0.25 per share net loss, while adjusted earnings per diluted share ($0.74) actually increased by 1.4%. Shares lost 0.2%. General Mills, Inc saw a great deal of selling pressure in the previous trading session after announcing to investors that the firm will be letting go of up to 800 people. The firm expects to save around $150 million from the move, and most of the jobs cut will be in the United States. The company has failed to keep up its previous level of sales and profitability as more and more Americans change their diets in response to the growing obesity epidemic. This is just the latest in a series of cutting jobs, shutting down plants, and desperately trying to shift towards foods that appear more healthy. Shares traded more than 0.9% lower. General Motors company saw a great deal of buying pressure in the previous trading session after announcing some strategic initiatives aimed at grabbing back crucial market share. The firm was described by analysts as betting heavily on the Cadillac brand, connectivity, and the Chinese automobile market. Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra told investors yesterday that the company plans to release a wide range of new models and will make a massive push to increase its brand relevance to the Chinese market. Shares jumped 1.75%. As the nation tries to understand the situation that lead to Thomas Duncan, a Liberian man visiting family in Dallas, Texas, to be confirmed as infected with the Ebola virus. The disease has sparked a great deal of fear in a number of companies and government officials alike, but some companies are actually benefitting a great deal from the situation. Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation has released the nation’s first Ebola vaccine, which has investors hopeful for big gains in the near future. Shares of Tekmira surged more than 18% higher yesterday alone. The Dow Jones lost (-0.15%), the S&P 500 lost (-0.04%), and the Nasdaq added 0.07%. (10:20am EST)

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