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Binary options platforms

A partial list of the leading binary options platforms is shown below. We suggest to read the article as well. If you want to start by reading, click here.

Binary options platforms:

Broker Payout Welcome Bonus Ranking Open Account


99binary review
up to 91% up to 150% 99binary Rating
Open 99binary Account


EZTrader review
up to 95% 100% match up bonus EZtrader Rating
Open EZTrader account


NRGbinary review
71% up to 100% NRGbinary Rating
Open NRGbinary Account


XPMarkets review
up to 85% up to 200% XPmarkets Rating
Open XPMarkets Account

Binary options platforms – continued

Binary options platforms are the online trading websites that enable traders from all around the world to trade binary options. The binary options platforms are usually the product of a technology company, specializes in pricing algorithms and web technologies, that develops a software based solution which you experience as the binary options platforms. The binary options platforms are then licensed and sold to binary options brokers which operate the platform and runs the financial aspects and the customer care aspects of the binary options platform.

Binary options platforms – security

The binary options platforms are all secured with encrypted communication. The financial trasactions are all done using a secured line so the deposit, bidding, and withdrawal processes are secured. Binary options platforms security is usually provided out-of-the-box before the broker even starts the operation as the technology companies need to implement the security measures to comply with money transfer and financial regulation.

Binary options platforms – profitability

The binary options platforms do only part of the calculation of the profitability of the binary options. The profit of the option is measured by complex algorithms in the platform but also based on the broker that operates the platform. Because binary options have no margins or commission fees, the binary options brokers can adjust several elements that influence the turnover for each issued option based on the asset, the trading method, and several risk factors depending on their binary options issuers and regulation.

Binary options platforms – technology

The technology of the binary options pltaforms is basically close to other financial platforms with bid execution engines, pricing engines, option issuing engines, and high frequency automatic trading algorithms. The binary options platforms need to have a very solid and stable technology in order to be able to issue options at the right price, at the right time, and with the right parameters while still serving the thousands of traders that use the binary options platform at any specific time.

Best binary options platforms

All the listed binary options platforms and binary options brokers mentioned in the Academy were reviewed by Binary Options Academy on and got high scores starting from 5 stars.

We created an international list of the best binary options brokers. Some of the best binary options brokers include: 99Binary , EZTrader , NRGbinary , TraderXP , and XPMarkets .

The localized version of the best brokers for each country we covered includes:

  1. Best binary options brokers in UK
  2. Best binary options brokers in USA
  3. Best binary options brokers in Australia
  4. Best binary options brokers in Canada
  5. Best binary options brokers in Germany
  6. Best binary options brokers in France
  7. Best binary options brokers in Italy
  8. Best binary options brokers in Spain
  9. Best binary options brokers in Russia
  10. Best binary options brokers in Arabic
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